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Welcome to My World...

John Zimmerman
5 November
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Hey! Yeah it's me, the one and only John Zimmerman. I guess this is where you browse around to learn a little bit about me....hmmm, well let's see. I truly am one of a kind, can't say I know anybody similar to me or any one category I might fit into (although some would call me a "prep" and that's cool too, perfectly happy with that). I've got the most bizarre characteristics and personality traits. No, that doesn't mean I'm some kind of freak, it's just that, well here let me explain...I'm a smart kid with no common sense, a jerk and a gentleman, a kind, caring sort of guy who defines the word selfish. You get the idea right? I'm all over the board when it comes to these things. It's kinda weird, I know, but hey, that's me! I'm also yer fun/funny/fun loving, creative, not-so-talented type. That perty much sums it up, if you wanna know anything else "than baby just ask me." (sorry, could not resist an Ashlee quote. is that chick hot or what? haha)