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Feb. 5th, 2006 | 01:37 am
mood: okayokay

It's been too long, and I couldn't ignore the need to update any longer, so here it is. Two Trina phrases could nicely descbribe my rentry into the LJ community. One could use "I don't know what you've been told
But I'm back bitches, yep I'm back niggaz", or "Yep (Trina...G's up (Lil Scarppy)...Im back (Trina)...Trina trina (Lil Scrappy)...That's Right (Trina)...I done stepped my game up and sexed my frame up (Trina)" would also be correct. Lemme see if I can sum up the past 2 months into one managable entry. The big thing for December was the cruise. Now vast collections of entries could be devoted to that trip alone, but in the interest of time I'll just say that I learned all about putting aside inhibitions and leaping out of the comfort zone, discovered various new grinding techniques, met a lot great people, and had a fantastic time. Immediately following was Silver Belle. I couldn't have asked for a better date. Claire looked beautiful, and she was fun, incredibly friendly, and really a delight to be with. Hope to see more of her in the future! Ummm I've become pretty obsessed with 'Memoirs of a Geisha'. The movie was good, the book was unforgettable, and for your information, I'd be delighted to recite the trailer in its entirety for you (including Japanese accents, sound effects, and a "single look that can stop a man in his tracks" that is not to be missed haha). January was quite a month too, especially in the social realms. I've started to discover how to branch out and meet people out of the confines of my own group and it's really nice. I'm loving finding some the great people we have out there that have been right under my nose (is that the right terminology?) for quite some time. In light of that I realized how bad talking about people is, because the nasty things you say about people, could become a guilty regret when you discover what cool people they actually are. I've grown to really appreciate certain individuals, and conversely grown to really dislike others. Some friendships were strengthed, others weakened. Subtle changes. I'm in "Pippi" nowadays also and so glad to be. It's nice to be involved in something, and even though I have a very small role, and had only two practices I am having a blast with it. What's going down at this very moment? Well, school's turning around and I'm not doing so bad anymore and actually starting to enjoy it again. Weekends are back to slow and dull as seen circa last year, tri's 1-2.5, and I am not enjoying it. I'm doing fine, I guess. I'm not wildly happy as I might've been only a few entries ago, but things are good. The future is shining brighter than right here and right now, hopefully I can tweek things a little so the things happening today are just as special as those big ideas of things to come. Thanks for listening, err...reading!

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